Design – “A Rough Rambler Settles Down!” Part I

Abused by it’s former owner, this three-bedroom rambler had already lived a lifetime of mistreatment and succumb to a few gnarly cats when it finally met the owner of it’s dreams!  While most would have given up on this hapless home, someone came along with just the right vision and vowed not to give up on the space.  After ripping out soiled carpeting and dumping the smelly contents the previous tenants left behind, a thorough cleaning and de-stinking were part of the initial courtship to get this relationship heading in the right direction!

If you’re wondering where this romance is going, keep in touch and watch for “A Rough Rambler Settles Down!” Part II  (Also see ‘How to Paint Wood Floors!’)

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How To Make Love to Your House


02 2011

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